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2-Chlorobenzal dehyde
Product Name: 2-Chlorobenzal dehyde  
Molecular Formula: C7H5ClO
Molecular Weight: 140.567
CAS NO.: 89-98-5
Structural Formula:  
Properties: Colorless or pale yellow oily liquid. Melting point 12.39℃ (11℃), boiling point 211.9℃ (213-214℃), 84.3℃ (1.33kPa), relative density1.2483 (20/4℃), index of refraction 1.5662, flash point 87℃. Slightly insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol, diethyl ether acetone, benzeneetc and other organic solvents.
Use: Used as dye, pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediates.
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